Thursday, March 31, 2016


Welcome to Life Concoctions blog! This is not your everyday, always inspiring and insightful blog. I just wanted you to know that right up front. Now, to be fair, I hope there will be a little inspiration sprinkled here and there. Maybe there will be a few insights and even some interesting food for thought. I’m just not going to promise anything.

Why not? Well, Life isn’t always sunshine and lollipops, so why should a blog about Life be any different!

Life. It’s not a cookie-cutter thing. It’s unique for each person based on so many things like history and opportunity. It’s also based on our choices, both conscious and unconscious, as well as the choices of those around us.

The goal of this blog is to talk/study/wonder and celebrate the many ways we each Concoct our Life. I hope you’ll choose to ride along on this adventure with me.

Oh yeah – I should introduce myself. I’m the dreamer behind this site. I believe that if we live our best Life, then the world is a better place to live. I learned to consiously create my own Life from working with Life Coaches, and I decided to become one. Stay tuned for more info about how that has changed my Life, and how I might be able to help you follow a dream.

Until then, let’s just play around a bit in the blog space and see what comes up. Thanks SO much for stopping by. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about Life.

Leslie, Life Coach


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