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How to Adjust to Retirement When the Daily Grind Ends – Part 2

    The transition continues… I retired 8 months ago, and I continue transitioning away from the daily grind of a structured work environment to a life of my own choosing. There have been great days and blah days, busy … Continue reading

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How to Adjust to Retirement When the Daily Grind Ends – Part 1

Working full time-and-a-half at a company for years was fun, exciting and financially rewarding. I know that isn’t true for everyone because some jobs are none of those things, and I assure you that not all of my jobs were … Continue reading

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A Multi-passionate’s Morning Routine!

I like to keep a variety of projects going all at the same time and I guess that makes me a multi-passionate person. One thing at a time is too easy and more than three can make me feel very frazzled. For … Continue reading

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Life Coaching Changed My Story

Life coaching made a big difference for me! My experience with life coaching lead me to become one. Years ago, I was trying to have it all (sound familiar?). I worked full time-and-a-half in advertising. Trying to have a perfect home life, healthy body and mind, … Continue reading

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On the road to better health. Again.

In 2015, I began a quest to reduce my autoimmune symptoms and improve my general health. I was diagnosed with psoriasis and learned from a friend that it is an autoimmune disease, meaning that my body sees and attacks things … Continue reading

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