Monday, March 27, 2017

A Multi-passionate’s Morning Routine!

Multi-passionate woman

I like to keep a variety of projects going all at the same time and I guess that makes me a multi-passionate person. One thing at a time is too easy and more than three can make me feel very frazzled. For instance, I am currently new to Bullet Journaling, AND I want to put a flower bed together to dress up the front entrance, AND I would like to knit something on a circle loom. Plus about 10 more things, like paint a picture, take piano and dance lessons, cook fabulous, healthy dinners, and, and, well, take a nap sometimes. Just making the wish list can be exhausting!

When I was working at a day job, I had very limited time and energy available for these creative and fun endeavors. By limited, I really mean that I could only handle work, eat, relax and sleep, and work often spilled over into all the other categories. Now that I work from home, there is more time to pursue one or two (or three) of the things on my “want to do” list. And guess what? I am having a hard time choosing what to do!

The first thing I yearned to do after leaving my day job was to have a morning self-care routine. It wouldn’t take much to improve on my previous rush hour morning: wake up tired, grab a Dr Pepper, jump in the shower, stand in front of the closet where there was nothing to wear, get dressed anyway, dry my hair, jump in the car, check traffic, put on a podcast, drive in traffic and put on makeup, arrive at work. Whew! Just remembering it is enough to exhaust me as I write this. But just like work, I will persevere. You’re dying to know the simple new routine, right?

As a multi-passionate, what is your self care routine?

In my new morning routine, I am practicing a short sun salutation, exercising, doing a bit of meditation, eating a healthy breakfast and walking my dog. Since I’m a multi-passionate I couldn’t stop there. How ’bout making the bed, planning the day, planning and cooking a healthy dinner, starting a gratitude journal (again) and getting plenty of sleep. I dubbed this rather big list to be a Beta test, meaning it didn’t have to be perfect or to be carved in stone. I could revise it or drop parts of it any time. Oh, and I made a nifty spread sheet with check boxes because who doesn’t love checking little boxes to show how well you’re doing!

It’s been almost 3 months and I’m still going strong with only a few little tweaks here and there. For instance, it was cold so I moved walking the dog to the warmest part of the day. Next month, I’ve decided to take weekends off from the morning routine to see how that feels. I’m also looking at how to combine some of the steps to shorten the time spent every day.

Are you a multi-passionate person? What would be your idea of the perfect morning routine for yourself? Click on comments below and let’s discuss!

Coming soon, more about multiple projects on my list for this year!

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