Friday, February 24, 2017

Life Coaching Changed My Story

Life Coaching can change your life

Life coaching made a big difference for me!

My experience with life coaching lead me to become one. Years ago, I was trying to have it all (sound familiar?). I worked full time-and-a-half in advertising. Trying to have a perfect home life, healthy body and mind, and about a hundred other things. Burning out fast. It felt like nothing was easy. When were the white knights coming to rescue me from this hectic life I created? I wanted to collapse from the stress but, of course, there wasn’t time for that so I kept going. And going.

Then a friend pointed out that I seemed to hit the wall of overwhelm & frustration every year around the same time. Wait. Every year? She nodded. ( I realized, after the fact, that it’s good to have a brave, honest friend.) STOP THE PRESSES! Every year? Isn’t that the definition of insanity? Ugh!

In one of the numerous magazines I read about having it all, I saw an article on life coaching. I’d never heard of such a thing but the article was interesting and stuck with me. Having just learned of my personal insanity diagnosis, I found the article, read it again and set out on a quest to find a coach. Maybe there was a light at the end of the tunnel, instead of a train bearing down on me!

Finding a life coach

Finding a coach was relatively easy, and I was completely blown away on the 1st call. I had an intuitive knowing (or a desperate need, you decide) that this was the perfect path to figure out how to have it all. Little did I know that working with a coach would help me discover that “all” wasn’t necessary or even my goal. I really wanted a life that would purr like a happy kitten on a fluffy bed in a pool of sunshine.

Fast forward to today and the progress I’ve made! With help from my coaches, here are a few of the many things I’ve accomplished:

  • I got help with things I wasn’t great at like cleaning, organizing & decluttering. Those things were important to an environment that supported me rather than drained me.
  • I discovered quick, easy ways to stock the kitchen. No more stress around finding something to eat when I came home late in the evening. Ahh, the relief and the sustenance!
  • I clarified my priorities and learned about the areas of my life that needed more attention. For example, I wasn’t spending time being creative, which kept my life more on the drudgery side than the purring side.
  • I dreamed big dreams. I enjoyed my work, BUT I longed to make a difference in the world. If I became a coach I could help others make their corner of the world more supportive, fun and, dang it , happier!

Accountability coaching made the difference.

Could I have done all this by myself? Maybe read a few more magazine articles or some books? Taken a class?  Well, yes, of course! And no, absolutely not! I was already striving to do it all and barely moving the needle. I needed some accountability. It’s how I’m wired, and how many, many other folks are wired.

Rather than telling me what to do, the coach asked what I was going to do to fix things, and by when. Commitment required! After all, this was my circus and my monkeys! We celebrated my successes and made alternative plans if I missed the mark.

Here’s an article from Inc. that talks about accountability coaching and how it helps. It takes about 3 minutes to read. Hire an Accountability Coach

How ’bout you? Do you enjoy working with someone more than working alone? We should talk! Schedule a free mini session soon, and let’s see if coaching is right for you. No hard sell, just help and info. Schedule a Free Mini Session

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